WPaPHA 2022 - Child/Adult Jumper 1.05m-1.15m

Horse Owner Rider Shows Points
1    Calculated Risk Dalya Balk Dalya Balk 3 138.00
2    Read Between the Lines Katie Irvine Katie Irvine
Casey E. Slabe
2 107.00
3    Lady Illusion Kristin N. Wozniak Kristin N. Wozniak 2 29.00
Horse: Calculated Risk
Owner: Dalya Balk
Rider: Dalya Balk
Shows: 3
Horse: Read Between the Lines
Owner: Katie Irvine
Rider: Katie Irvine
Casey E. Slabe
Shows: 2
Horse: Lady Illusion
Owner: Kristin N. Wozniak
Rider: Kristin N. Wozniak
Shows: 2

Last Updated 31 Oct 2022


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